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Kellie McGinnis
Vice President, Strategic Services, TMP Government

Under the Strategic Services umbrella, Kellie is responsible for TMP Government’s Brand Strategy, Media Strategy, and Interactive Strategy groups. Her 25+ year advertising career parallels the growth of TMP and the industry. As she has risen through the Account Services ranks, she has been directly involved in key changes within the recruitment advertising industry, particularly the transition into digital media, the emphasis on metrics and ROI, and the importance of brand in attracting and retaining the right talent. This deep knowledge and experience led to her current role managing Strategic Services.

Working with clients in both the public and private sectors, Kellie has found creative ways to leverage best practices across a broad range of industries. Because her involvement with federal government clients has encompassed the military and intelligence community as well as many civilian agencies, she is well versed in the intricacies of government requirements and contracts. Plus, her experience supporting Fortune 500 clients allows her to apply the best commercial practices to federal recruiting challenges.



The people of TMP Government all live within the Washington, DC area. (Just don’t get us started on whether it’s best to live in DC, Maryland or Virginia.) We all truly understand the importance of supporting government and your vital missions. That’s why we’re passionate about our work and believe in being a truly customer-driven advertising agency. Around here, total satisfaction is the only option. And it shows. In fact, we continually score the highest ratings from all our federal clients, in virtually every sector of government, from intelligence and security to finance and banking.

From art directors to vice presidents to interactive consultants, there are over 50 of us working on nothing but government business. Every working day, you can count on us to arrive at unique creative solutions while managing even the smallest contractual detail. We love what we do. And we think you’ll really like the way we arrive at total communications solutions.

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