Digital Solutions

Today, it’s not only the message that matters, but how and where you reach your audience. It’s about connecting. Interactivity. Going to your audience instead of asking them to come to you.

It’s about engaging top talent and capturing your candidate. It’s blogs and social media and mobile working together with websites and traditional advertising that’s all in sync with your overall recruitment brand. 

You’ll need a highly experienced guide to help you find your way. TMP Government knows the way.

Web Components

  • Pre-Screening Tools
  • Facebook Apps
  • iOS and Android Apps
  • Widgets
  • Content Landing Pages
  • Podcasts


  • E-Newsletters
  • Email Marketing Center
  • Blogs
  • TalentBrew
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Event Registration Sites
  • Online Banners
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Virtual Press Conferences
  • Social Media Branding


  • TMP Service and Adbook
  • Digital Landscape Audits
  • TalentBrew Job Distribution
  • Candidate Relationship Management
  • Virtual Events
  • Usability Testing
  • Social Media Maintenance and Reporting
  • Hosting and Maintenance

…And more.

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