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Craig Knutson
Creative Director

TMP has been a wonderful place to work. It’s given me the opportunity to grow my career outside of a traditional career path. The agency is truly going digital and has allowed me the opportunity to merge my creative ambitions with technical solutions. Thinking outside the box is not only supported—it is truly encouraged. To be a Creative Being!

The fact that TMP has so many offices in so many parts of the world allows for tremendous insight and collaboration. From brainstorming to training to implementation, pushing current creative and technological trends is always acknowledged and promoted. It’s pretty cool to have an idea and then to have someone say, “Let’s build it!”

I love traveling to the different locations, seeing the different offices and putting a face to the voice I’ve talked to 20 times on the phone. I am fortunate to work for a place that genuinely supports real-time interaction.

The culture of progress and doing things right is not just found in the work, but in the diverse personalities of the people around me. I have developed true friendships with the people I work with. I truly respect them and the work they do. It’s hard to call it work when you’re hanging out with friends.

TMP invests in its employees, recognizing effort, promoting growth and pushing innovative thinking. They give me the chance to be heard both internally and externally, and make me feel like a significant contributor to the team. There’s a reason why so many people come back to TMP—it’s a great place to work.

It’s hard work, but it’s satisfying to know I am appreciated for the effort I put forth. TMP is a leading digital company, and I hope to contribute to their success for many years to come.

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